How to delegate ADA to Stake Pool using Typhon Wallet

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to delegate ADA to a stake pool using the Typhon wallet in the Cardano blockchain

Install the Typhon Wallet Extension

Visit the Typhon Wallet website at

Navigate to the download page at

Click on the “Add to Chrome” or your other favorite browser button to install the extension. After the installation, you should see the Typhon Wallet icon in your browser’s toolbar.

Create or Import a Wallet

Click on the Typhon Wallet icon in your browser’s toolbar to open the wallet and open it in full-screen mode.

  • If you’re new to Typhon Wallet, click on “Create a new wallet”. Follow the instructions to create a new wallet. Make sure to safely store your recovery phrase.
  • If you already have a wallet, click on “Import a wallet”. Enter your recovery phrase to import your wallet.
  • Typhon Wallet also supports hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor. If you have one of these, follow the instructions provided by Typhon Wallet to connect your hardware wallet.

Fund Your Wallet

To delegate ADA, you first need to have ADA in your wallet. Your balance should be at least 5 ADA to delegate to a stake pool. On the wallet main page copy Receive Address of the wallet.

Transfer ADA from your exchange or another wallet to this address.

Delegate to a Stake Pool

Open the Staking page in your Typhon Wallet

Click the button Start

Feel free to explore and select a stake pool that aligns with your preferences. As an option, you might consider utilizing our stake pool, BKV.

Confirm the delegation. There will be a small fee for the delegation transaction, and a 2 ADA deposit will be taken from your account by the blockchain. This deposit will be returned when you undelegate your wallet

After confirming the delegation transaction, you should see the BKV pool in your staking page.

It may take a few epochs (Cardano’s time units, each epoch lasts five days) for your delegation to become active and start earning rewards. Please note that there is a waiting period of about 10 days (2 epochs) before any rewards can be generated.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully delegated your ADA to the staking pool using the Typhon Wallet. Remember, the rewards are automatically collected and added to your wallet balance at the end of each epoch. You can check your rewards in the “Rewards” section of your Typhon Wallet.

Please note that the steps might slightly vary depending on the updates to the Typhon Wallet or the Cardano network. \


It’s very important to keep your wallet recovery phrase safe. This phrase is like a key that can help you get your wallet back if it’s lost or stolen. Always keep this phrase in a safe place that’s not online, so you can use it to get your assets back if you need to.

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