Addressing Recent Issues with Stats

Dear Delegators,

You might have noticed some unusual stats on our Cardano node’s page at, similar to the ones in the image below. I’m happy to let you know we’ve found and fixed the issue. We value clear and correct information and thank you for your ongoing trust in our work.

Identifying the Root Cause

The inconsistency in the reported data was traced back to some broken scripts on our end. Thankfully, this issue did not impact the node’s core functionalities or block production capabilities. It was solely a reporting error affecting how statistics were displayed on

Resolution and Moving Forward

The faulty scripts have been corrected, and starting from the next epoch, the statistics will accurately reflect the node’s performance. This swift resolution underscores our commitment to providing reliable and transparent services to our community.

A Note of Gratitude

Your understanding and patience during this period have been invaluable. The trust you place in our node is not taken lightly, and we’re dedicated to upholding the highest standards in our operations.

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