Epoch 418 Summary for BKV Pool

Performance summary of the BKV pool for epoch 418 on the Cardano blockchain.

During this epoch, the active stake in the BKV pool was ₳144.21k, representing the total ADA delegated to our pool. Despite the active stake, no blocks were minted in this epoch. This is a normal occurrence in the probabilistic process of block production in Cardano and does not reflect negatively on the pool’s performance.

Our stake pool had 5 stakeholders in this epoch, each playing a vital role in our pool’s operation. We appreciate the participation and welcome new members to join us in supporting the Cardano network.

Our pool’s lifetime Return on Stake (ROS) stands at 0.53%, representing the annualized return for our delegators. The live stake at the end of epoch 418 was ₳141.21k, and our pool saturation was at 0.2%, indicating our pool is far from being oversaturated.

Looking ahead to epoch 419, we estimate our pool will mint approximately 0.13 blocks. We also have 70,000 BKV tokens left for distribution in our rewards system.

In conclusion, we express our gratitude to our stakeholders for their continued support. We remain dedicated to providing a secure and profitable staking environment on the Cardano network. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey in the exciting world of blockchain technology.

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