Exploring the New Features of Lace 1.2

Lace, the light wallet platform for Cardano, has recently announced a major update with the release of Lace 1.2. This new version introduces a variety of features designed to enhance the user experience and make navigating the Web3 space on Cardano even more seamless.

One of the exciting new features in Lace 1.2 is the ability to categorize and organize your NFTs into folders. This allows users to group their NFTs in any way they choose, whether it be by artist, theme, or date, providing a more personalized and organized approach to NFT management.

In addition to this, Lace 1.2 has introduced a feature that allows users to hide and show their wallet balance at will. This is a valuable addition for those who prefer to keep their wallet balance private, offering an extra layer of privacy and control.

The DApp connector, a key component of the Lace platform, has also seen improvements in this release. The update has refined how the DApp connector throws errors back to DApps, enabling them to display error messages at their end. Furthermore, users can now sign transactions with staking keys, a feature that is particularly useful for activities such as DAO voting.

Other enhancements in Lace 1.2 include improved requests to the MuesliSwap API for accurate token price display and increased speed in the tokens and activity sections for a smoother user experience.

You can explore all these new features and more by checking out the Lace 1.2 release on their GitHub page.

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