Join the Exclusive BKV Token Airdrop

We’re excited to announce the launch of our BKV Token Airdrop, offering a unique opportunity for our community members. This isn’t just any airdrop; we’re offering double rewards for participants who delegate their wallets to BKV!

Key Airdrop Rules (please, follow them to be eligible for the airdrop):

  1. One Wallet, One Entry: Submit only one Cardano mainnet address. Duplicate addresses or multiple entries per user are not permitted.
  2. Double Rewards for Delegators: Delegating your wallet to BKV? You’ll receive double the tokens in the airdrop! We will check every submitted address for you! Do not know how to install a Cardano wallet and stake your assets? Check this easy step-by-step guide
  3. Secure and Fair Distribution: We will conduct thorough checks and verifications to ensure fairness and rule adherence.
  4. How to Join: Be part of this exciting opportunity by joining our Discord here and posting your Cardano mainnet address in the #airdrop-dec-02 channel. No additional text or emojis, please.
  5. Limited Slots Available: Only 200 slots are open for applicants – act quickly!
  6. Airdrop Timing: Tokens will be airdropped within 3 days after the airdrop application closes when 200 participants will apply. we take some time for all checks and verifications.

This airdrop is a fantastic opportunity for both new and existing members of our community. By delegating your wallet to BKV, you not only support our network but also double your airdrop rewards!

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