Cardano TVL and Volume are raising

The Cardano blockchain has reached a new milestone in its history. According to DefiLlama, the total value locked (TVL) in the Cardano blockchain is approximately 530.5 million ADA (156.98 million USD), which is the highest in the history of Cardano’s existence. This figure represents a 24-hour change of 9.78%, indicating a positive growth trend. Let’s dive into some details of the Cardano TVL and volume.

Total Value Locked

The dominant protocol on the Cardano blockchain is Minswap, which accounts for 33.29% of the total value locked.

The top five protocols on the Cardano blockchain, along with their respective total value locked (TVL), are as follows:

  1. Minswap: 176.6 million ADA
  2. Indigo: 122.4 million ADA
  3. VyFinance: 85.3 million ADA
  4. Liqwid: 79.5 million ADA
  5. Djed Stablecoin: 66.7 million ADA

These five protocols account for a significant portion of the total value locked in the Cardano blockchain. Their growth and success are indicative of the increasing adoption and development of the Cardano DeFi ecosystem.

In comparison, the Ethereum blockchain has a significantly higher total value locked and transaction volume. However, the growth figures for Cardano indicate that it is gaining traction in the DeFi space. As the Cardano ecosystem continues to develop and introduce new protocols, it is expected to attract more users and see further increases in TVL and transaction volume.

This record-breaking TVL is a testament to Cardano’s growing influence in the DeFi sector.

The volume of transactions

Over the past 24 hours, the volume of transactions on the Cardano network has reached approximately 19,732,000 ADA. This figure represents the total value of all transactions that have occurred within the Cardano DeFi ecosystem in the last day.

Looking at a broader timeframe, the 7-day transaction volume for Cardano stands at an impressive 147,900,000 ADA. This indicates a sustained level of activity and liquidity within the Cardano DeFi ecosystem over the past week.

These figures highlight the growing interest and engagement in the Cardano DeFi space. The high transaction volumes suggest that users are actively utilizing the DeFi protocols on the Cardano network, contributing to the overall dynamism and growth of the ecosystem.

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