Our Partnership with DexHunter

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with DexHunter, a revolutionary project reshaping the landscape of decentralized exchanges. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our commitment to offer our delegators and the Cardano community cutting-edge solutions in the blockchain space.

Why DexHunter? DexHunter stands out for its unique approach to DEX aggregation, market alerts, and custom nodes. Their platform simplifies navigating the Cardano crypto market, ensuring users trade faster, smarter, and better.

  • DEX Aggregation: Get the best value for your tokens with optimized transaction splitting.
  • Market Alerts: Stay updated on market movements and significant price shifts.
  • Custom Nodes: Experience faster trades through access to custom nodes, facilitating quicker and more efficient transactions.

Our BKV Relay Node Joins DexHunter!

We’re bringing our strengths to DexHunter. One of our relay nodes will now be part of DexHunter’s setup, helping make transactions quicker and more reliable. It’s a big step towards making trading easier and more efficient.

We’re excited to be a key part of this change!

For a deeper understanding of how this partnership will change your trading experience, we invite you to read more about the innovative concepts behind, check out the detailed explanation here: DexHunter Nodes and Trading

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